a little bit scary

a little bit scary

I did a thing that was supposed to be a little bit scary and a lot of fun but it took an abrupt turn into pure scary. I went with a group of teenagers, other adult leaders like me, and canyoneering experts/guides into Birch Hollow canyon for a rappelling adventure. And boy, was it an … Continue reading


Happy birthday Rachael

My sister-in-law loves my blog. She is my number one fan. When I have been slacking (as I often do) she lets me know. She let me know today. And it’s her birthday. So. It’s the least I could do. We are still celebrating the finalization of the adoption of our two littles. You would … Continue reading


My kids are my kids. It is official. The finalization was bizarre in the extreme. A new law in Nevada allowed us to call in to the hearing instead of traveling the eight hours it would take for the 15 minute hearing. So we finalized on the living room floor, three adults; the hubs and … Continue reading

comfort food

Have you ever noticed that the real key to comfort food is having someone else make it for you? That and the food is weird. Dang weird to anyone outside of those making it and those being comforted by it. My mom used to make lumpy malt-o-meal for breakfast. She was a harried chef. Most … Continue reading

things to say

I don’t have any. Things to say. Maybe it is depression. For sure! Of course! It must be that because I never don’t have things to say. I simply want to write something but opinions exhaust me. Plans are so last week. Life circumstances haven’t changed enough for an update. So what? How about this? … Continue reading

a slice of life

In this moment, I am ensconced in the darkness of my bedroom. It is a cocoon of silence created by my husband managing the chaos of our life and light-blocking window shades. They are my two best friends, my husband and these shades. Because of them, in this moment, my thoughts line up. I remember … Continue reading

you think you know someone

I thought I knew my dad. Because I’ve always known him haven’t I? Since the literal moment I was born. Before then really. But last night, I met him–really saw him for who he was, independent of being my dad–for the very first time. And now, I know him. Other people knew him. They’ve been … Continue reading

why I foster

  Why. It’s a good question. Even without a question mark. I’m introspective so I ask it a lot. I’m extroverted so then I answer. (That’s right, I can’t stop talking even when I’m the only one listening.) Right now, I’m asking it. Why do I. And here’s what I am answering to myself. Because. … Continue reading

wading into the mommy wars

I don’t usually do controversy on my blog. And I probably won’t in this post either. (Sorry to disappoint those of you who popped in because you googled “war.”) I promise that I am super-saucy and offend people in real life all the time if it makes you feel better. Just ask me how I … Continue reading

leibster award

My dear friend Candie nominated me for the Leibster Award which, if I am reading right, is a like a blog chain letter plus questions but sans the threat of horrible things happening if you don’t pass it on. So why not right? Candie’s questions with my answers: Who has been a constant in your … Continue reading