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So, I’m thinking of changing the blog to a Do It Yourself blog. No.  No, I’m not really.  I’m more the PSE-type (Pay Someone Else). But … I’ve been doing the equivalent of nesting on steroids.  But I’d never change the blog because I’m really not that person – who does things like this.  A … Continue reading

vacation, all I ever wanted

Have you missed me?  I missed you!  I was on vacation and thought it best not to post my vacation plans on the worldwide web before I went … because I knew you’d all break into my house and steal my giant tube television and my year supply of diapers.  Good thing I’m so security … Continue reading


I am ridiculous.  I mean it.  I like things planned, organized, predictable, controllable.  To such an extent that I don’t like surprises. Even good ones.  Even great ones. If you’re throwing me a surprise party, you’d better factor in that for the first half hour, I will be grumpy because my mind is still shifting away … Continue reading