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need a good read?

I am a chronic book-recommendor.  If you want a recommendation, you’ve come to the right place, but you may need to sit and stay a while.  Because I will go on and on.  I cannot be stopped. I will need to know a little something about you but I’m pretty sure I can come up with … Continue reading

falling together

I just read Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos.  I had some issues with the lots ‘o swearing, the ending, and a character I thought Marissa gave up on but mostly, I loved the darn book. The characters are best of friends in college who split apart for six years but came back together … Continue reading


I just read a book called The Sense of an Ending.  I am not recommending it.  I fiercely hated the book.  The main character was so thoroughly unlikable and  I wanted very bad things to happen to him.  But hey.  This post is not about him or the book he lives in.  It’s only about … Continue reading

the sound of reading

When I was waiting… No.  …longing, starving, pleading, crying, for… children, I used to think about how my home would sound with children rattling around in it.  At night, the sound of soft sighs and silly sleep talk, during the day, the pitter-pattering of feet, the “mooOOOOmmm!” call, the giggles, the ALL of it.  I … Continue reading