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waiting for news

This week, we are expecting much-awaited good news on my little guy’s case – news that gets us closer, but not all the way to, adoption – news that gets us closer, but not all the way to, having his little sister placed with us.  So, we are figuratively waiting by the phone.  In the … Continue reading

don’t fit

Sometimes I think we look for ways to exclude ourselves.  I think this because I do it.  I think this because my friends do it.  Do you do it? I had a really great, kind of therapeutic, complaining session with a friend the other day where we listed all of the ways we don’t fit … Continue reading

the right way

I have two dishwashers.  No.  I’m not telling you that weird joke = two dishwashers because I have two kids – hahaha.  I have two actual dish washing machines.  What?  You think that’s odd?  I think what is odd is that you don’t.  How could it not have occurred to you?  Every girl needs two … Continue reading


I am itch, itch, itching to post the funniest picture ever here today.  But on the advice of my wise sister who never says anything awkward or un-take-backable online, I have decided not to.  But you’re missing out.  If you know me personally, text me as soon as you read this and I’ll text you … Continue reading

identity crisis

Unless you are my best friend or you have cookies for me (oh wait. I just said the same thing twice – didn’t I?), you may want to stay far away from me right now. Because I am grieving. Grouchy-grumpy grieving that has me equally likely to break down in tears as swear at you … Continue reading

all caught up because of procrastination

I am procrastinating a big, data-heavy, math-intensive, analytic, over-my-head paper for school.  Suddenly, all of the other things I have been procrastinating seem so appealing!  I spent the weekend pulling weeds, thinking, “this is so much better than writing that paper!” I am all caught up on my twitter and blog feeds.  I’ve watched all … Continue reading

to don’t

I thought I was coming up for air after hunkering down to dig into (and out of) some big school projects and just when my nose broke the surface of the sloggy world of too busy to breathe, I’m getting dragged under again. You know.  Sometimes it feels like I live in hunker down. Three … Continue reading

the best therapy

Can we talk about friends?  Let’s!  Because I adore mine.  I can’t really explain to you how much of a downer I am to be around right now.  But my friends, they like me anyway.   When people ask how things are going and I answer, I’m beginning to recognize a universal response  that looks … Continue reading

show up

I was at a professional conference last week, maybe the week before – who knows?  I’m at these things all the time.  And I am the world’s biggest critic of them.  Trust me when I say you do not want to hear how I feel about PowerPoint.  And then trust me again when I say … Continue reading