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singing time!

A few months ago, a friend asked me to be a long-term substitute for the children’s chorister at church. Best. Gig. Ever. Guys! Every week, I get to act like a big, dumb clown for an audience that loves it.  But they don’t love it more than I do.  I think everyone should have an … Continue reading


So, I’m thinking of changing the blog to a Do It Yourself blog. No.  No, I’m not really.  I’m more the PSE-type (Pay Someone Else). But … I’ve been doing the equivalent of nesting on steroids.  But I’d never change the blog because I’m really not that person – who does things like this.  A … Continue reading

no news is no news

I teased you at the beginning of the week, saying we were expecting good news at the end of the week.  We were.  We didn’t get any. I drove nine hours to get the news, tried to distract myself in the waiting for the news, prayed silently and harder than I ever have in a … Continue reading


Sometimes, I spin around in our culture and I think we are straight-up nutso.  There are things I just can’t explain. Pretend you have been living in a box and came out to discover the world we live in anew.  I don’t mean a literal box – I’m not talking Room here, more like this … Continue reading

books about books

I just got this book from a friend.  (Yay for late graduation gifts!) So good!  Lately, I have been really into books about books.  Is that weird?  I’m loving this one and The Child That Books Built and The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared.  It is so fun to think about … Continue reading

dream, dream, dream

Oh man!  I have the wackiest dreams – you? Last week.  This one: I was out to dinner with friends but I got separated from them somehow.  I kept going back and forth from the table and then outside to find them.  I sat down for a minute and someone congratulated me for just being … Continue reading

the system

I want to talk about foster care.  The system. An unnamed administrator in our state Child and Family Services Office thinks the foster care system is backwards and that the parents who abuse and/or neglect their children are the ones who should be removed from the home.  The children should stay there with a new, … Continue reading

standing in the circle

All better today from the angsty, angry post of two days past. These people are the reason why. They are teenagers in foster care at reality town with me.  I am the city manager, the military recruiter, the car dealer, the banker, and the home improver – depending on when you drop in.  They are … Continue reading

car shopping

I am not making this up… One time, I went to a car dealership and they said they had a car I might like but it hadn’t been detailed yet.  And then they showed it to me.  There was blood on the steering wheel.  Blood.  I couldn’t, wouldn’t make that up.  What do you take … Continue reading


Since school is about to start for some, (Not for me.  Thank goodness not for me.  Not for my son yet.  Thank goodness not for him yet.)  But for the poor saps who start mid-August or those other poor saps on year-round schedules.  I have a school-related rant. It’s about bullying.  And it’s not about … Continue reading