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geeking out

I broke my number one marriage rule and told my husband (after almost 20 years of sticking to my guns) that he could put a TV in the bedroom.  It’s a big deal for me – and for him. He has always wanted one. I have always hated the idea (better things to do in … Continue reading

DIY … part deux

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the big reveal of my nesting on steroids, crafty, do-it-yourself dining room table project (and part 2 of this post).  I know.  You thought I’d be too distracted by the very baby I’ve been nesting for to get around to finishing.  And you were right.  But five … Continue reading

a day in the new life

Today, some of the best people I know sat around a table eating a box lunch and talked about ways to make the world, okay, the state, a better place for children who have the government for their parents.  I know this because it’s a meeting I haven’t missed in four years.  It was one … Continue reading