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the system

I want to talk about foster care.  The system. An unnamed administrator in our state Child and Family Services Office thinks the foster care system is backwards and that the parents who abuse and/or neglect their children are the ones who should be removed from the home.  The children should stay there with a new, … Continue reading

this is not about gun control …

… it’s about irony. Although, at the risk of losing every friend in my neighborhood, I am for it.  Solidly.  Just sayin. Remember when I did this? See the empty, pink, cow skin holster? It was supposed to be holding this: But it was confiscated when I checked in at the front office.  Of course … Continue reading


This is a post about politics.  Permission to stop reading granted.  (Ha!  Like I’m in charge of that!) I have personally discovered why we are in such a two-sided mess.  Because people like me – people right in the middle of the political debate don’t have a voice.  Not because we don’t want one but … Continue reading