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happy on mother’s day

My journey to motherhood was not a sprint.  If it was a race, it was one I entered thinking it would be a sprint only to learn it would be a triathlon instead and, oh yeah, I wouldn’t have a bike or the ability to swim.  And, if it was a race, it’s one where … Continue reading

birth moms

It’s birth mother’s day today.  It’s a day in adoption-land where everyone talks about and honors the birth parents who placed their children for adoption.  Allow me a moment for that. Joey’s birth mom is pure awesomeness.  She is quirky, fun, and loving.  We have a great relationship with her and her family.  She did … Continue reading

small life

My expansive, pushed to the limits life is about to contract.  Not today.  But soon.  In exactly 7 weeks. Because in 7 weeks, I finish graduate school and in 7 weeks I’ll be walking away from a job I love.  It all seems very counter-intuitive.  Why, when I am just getting the very degree that will … Continue reading


Until last November we had an only child.  A ten-year-old only child.  Then, suddenly, we had a tiny-year-old too.  A busy, clever, sneaky, adorable tiny-year-old.  In the span of two weeks, this busy, sneaky little guy had blown up our computer, irreparably broken our VCR (yeah, we still have one of those and a home … Continue reading

foster care

Foster care rolls me out so flat, I am curly at the ends. I have been working professionally for 5 years now, advocating for children in foster care.  I thought it impossible to have my eyes any wider open. I was more prepared for this journey than any of those other schmucks in our foster … Continue reading