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a little bit scary

a little bit scary

I did a thing that was supposed to be a little bit scary and a lot of fun but it took an abrupt turn into pure scary. I went with a group of teenagers, other adult leaders like me, and canyoneering experts/guides into Birch Hollow canyon for a rappelling adventure. And boy, was it an … Continue reading

comfort food

Have you ever noticed that the real key to comfort food is having someone else make it for you? That and the food is weird. Dang weird to anyone outside of those making it and those being comforted by it. My mom used to make lumpy malt-o-meal for breakfast. She was a harried chef. Most … Continue reading

a slice of life

In this moment, I am ensconced in the darkness of my bedroom. It is a cocoon of silence created by my husband managing the chaos of our life and light-blocking window shades. They are my two best friends, my husband and these shades. Because of them, in this moment, my thoughts line up. I remember … Continue reading

a new low

This week has been a daily exercise in frustration. Every day has been so frustrating that the word “frustrating” isn’t quite big enough for the experience. Every simple errand ballooned into 45 splinter errands.  Projects that should have been straight-forward were thwarted by user error and stupidness. Things that were done had to be redone … Continue reading

my facebook guilty pleasure

I took an Organizational Behavior class where I’m certain we took no fewer than 18 personality tests and then discussed in class how those personality traits would play out in an office setting.  I loved it: the introspection, the analysis, the practical what-to-do’s of it all. Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to … Continue reading

in the moment

“Most people live in the past, or trying to peek into the future,” she said as I crouched in my chair, arms wrapped tightly around my middle, shielding myself from her truth, embarrassed of my need for it. “It is an art, to live in the present, to let the past and the future be … Continue reading


I’m in love with punctuation.  To be clear, I am not talking about excessive exclamation points.  Look: I’m so excited! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the madness.  More exclamation points do not make you more excited than you were in the first sentence.  Once, I told a friend some good news and she was so excited, … Continue reading

say cheese!

You know how I am not trendy?  Not at all interested in being popular?  Well, I’m about to become even less trendy and I’m about to lose some friends. Cuz.  I had some pictures done.  And I’m mad as a hornet about them.  The photographer photoshopped out my freckles.  My freckles!  Are you kidding me? … Continue reading


Sometimes, I spin around in our culture and I think we are straight-up nutso.  There are things I just can’t explain. Pretend you have been living in a box and came out to discover the world we live in anew.  I don’t mean a literal box – I’m not talking Room here, more like this … Continue reading

dream, dream, dream

Oh man!  I have the wackiest dreams – you? Last week.  This one: I was out to dinner with friends but I got separated from them somehow.  I kept going back and forth from the table and then outside to find them.  I sat down for a minute and someone congratulated me for just being … Continue reading