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wading into the mommy wars

I don’t usually do controversy on my blog. And I probably won’t in this post either. (Sorry to disappoint those of you who popped in because you googled “war.”) I promise that I am super-saucy and offend people in real life all the time if it makes you feel better. Just ask me how I … Continue reading

eclectic mail

Guess what came in the mail today? A reminder card of my next dental appointment. If you have any reason for hiring a hit man to take me out – I’d love for you to arrange that to happen before the, oh, let’s see, September 19th, the card says.  Wait.  Maybe just save your money … Continue reading

standing in the circle

All better today from the angsty, angry post of two days past. These people are the reason why. They are teenagers in foster care at reality town with me.  I am the city manager, the military recruiter, the car dealer, the banker, and the home improver – depending on when you drop in.  They are … Continue reading

a day in the new life

Today, some of the best people I know sat around a table eating a box lunch and talked about ways to make the world, okay, the state, a better place for children who have the government for their parents.  I know this because it’s a meeting I haven’t missed in four years.  It was one … Continue reading

identity crisis

Unless you are my best friend or you have cookies for me (oh wait. I just said the same thing twice – didn’t I?), you may want to stay far away from me right now. Because I am grieving. Grouchy-grumpy grieving that has me equally likely to break down in tears as swear at you … Continue reading

big head

Today, while I was waiting to fill a prescription, a smarmy 17-year-old tried to give me a smooth pick-up line.  Oh yeah.  I’ve still got it.  Only, the line was something like this, “Is this your kid?  I can see where he got all his good looks from.”  Okay, it wasn’t something like that.  It … Continue reading


I just read a book called The Sense of an Ending.  I am not recommending it.  I fiercely hated the book.  The main character was so thoroughly unlikable and  I wanted very bad things to happen to him.  But hey.  This post is not about him or the book he lives in.  It’s only about … Continue reading

hold me back!

Yesterday, for work, I gave a presentation to a local group of Child and Family Service professionals and our “resource family consultant” was there.  She is the woman who works with licensed foster families in our area to match children with families.  Due to some odd circumstances, it was the first time we met. I … Continue reading

mind holding

I’ve mentioned before that in my awesome job, I have the opportunity to attend conferences now and then.  I had one such opportunity last week and I heard a gem of a thing while there.  I’m going to misquote it but nail the sentiment: One of the best things you can do for another person … Continue reading

small life

My expansive, pushed to the limits life is about to contract.  Not today.  But soon.  In exactly 7 weeks. Because in 7 weeks, I finish graduate school and in 7 weeks I’ll be walking away from a job I love.  It all seems very counter-intuitive.  Why, when I am just getting the very degree that will … Continue reading