Happy birthday Rachael

My sister-in-law loves my blog. She is my number one fan. When I have been slacking (as I often do) she lets me know. She let me know today. And it’s her birthday. So. It’s the least I could do.

We are still celebrating the finalization of the adoption of our two littles. You would be too.

My kids are seriously awesome! I can’t even tell you how much I don’t miss the qualifier “foster” in front of my “mom” label.

I have been busy at the legislature for the last two months because I volunteer as an advocate for foster families in my state. I tried to get foster families a rate increase and failed. I tried to fight a bill and failed. So, then I tried to get childcare subsidies for children in foster care and failed. Are you seeing pattern here?

But at the end of my discouraging days, there are these kids, so excited when I come home. So expressive, funny, and sassy!


My 13 going on 45 year-old is too smart for my own good. He likes to point out things I do wrong as a parent, especially if I’m being unfair to the littles. I thanked him for it the other day because something he said really impacted my behavior and I’m trying to be better. He took it as an open invitation to tell me ALL the things I do wrong as a parent. Sheesh! But yeah. He wasn’t wrong.


My fiercely independent 4-year-old made up his own joke and he is sooooo proud of it:

“Mom, what is my favorite letter?”

“Uh. I don’t know. What?”



My barely 3-year-old has a whole lotta sass tucked into her little body. She has a keen sense of injustice and has my number. “Mom, if you are not nice to me then I will not be your brother anymore!”


I will be 42 tomorrow. And I keep thinking about how I got married when my mom was 42. MARRIED. My kids are so young and I am so not. I wouldn’t change it. I’m an old dog. They are teaching me new tricks.



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