Posted in January 2016


My kids are my kids. It is official. The finalization was bizarre in the extreme. A new law in Nevada allowed us to call in to the hearing instead of traveling the eight hours it would take for the 15 minute hearing. So we finalized on the living room floor, three adults; the hubs and … Continue reading

comfort food

Have you ever noticed that the real key to comfort food is having someone else make it for you? That and the food is weird. Dang weird to anyone outside of those making it and those being comforted by it. My mom used to make lumpy malt-o-meal for breakfast. She was a harried chef. Most … Continue reading

things to say

I don’t have any. Things to say. Maybe it is depression. For sure! Of course! It must be that because I never don’t have things to say. I simply want to write something but opinions exhaust me. Plans are so last week. Life circumstances haven’t changed enough for an update. So what? How about this? … Continue reading