practicing the love

Some things happened last week that are making me work to love my husband better.

First, I told a (fairly empty) room full of people that loving someone doesn’t require biology – that, in fact, you love who you serve. I may have even used the word, “hogwash.” (Proud of that. What a great word!) I was presenting at a meeting to recruit and/or solicit funds to support foster parents.  So, it hit me like a back-o-the-head-two-by-four that I so love my man with whom I share zero biology and… I should serve him more.

Also, I gave a friend some hang-in-there, it-gets-better marriage advice along the same lines, “So, you’re telling me I should just fake liking him?” she said. “No,” I said, “think of it more along the lines of practicing. Practice liking him until you do.”

So, I decided since my husband’s birthday was on Friday, it was time to do it up right for him in the exact way he’d appreciate. (You’ve read The 5 Love Languages right? My hubs is a quality time guy.)  I surprised him with this:


The gift of sleeping in.  Seriously.  What were you thinking?

For the record, SHEER HEAVEN!  For the last almost two years now, the two-almost-three-year-old has been waking us, on average, two hours before the crack of dawn – when he actually sleeps through the night.  Sleeping until nine a.m. (though I had to keep making myself do it, “self, go back to sleep – for reals, no one needs you, no one is crying, no one needs a diaper change”) was pure awesome!

By the way, when we returned home, the babysitter had called in backup and was fast asleep on the couch – kind of made me feel better about being so dang tired all the time.

Besides sleeping in, the best parts of my husband’s birthday celebrations were:

  • when our 11-year-old asked his dad to guess his presents and his dad came up with such a fabulous list. (Using it for Father’s Day! Don’t tell!) It included boring things like, new pants (for traveling haha!), silly things like Joey dressing up like a ninja to serve him breakfast in bed, and stuff I wish I’d thought of like a surprise cruise or a new phone.
  • that his birthday landed on Memorial Day Weekend so when his employees at work wished him a happy birthday, he responded with, “Thanks!  That’s so nice, I’d like to do something for you… why don’t you take Monday off?”
  • that those employees love him so much, they took him to his favorite restaurant for lunch as a surprise – McDonalds! Even his vegetarian employees went along. That’s love people.
  • A conversation I had with my biggest son after getting a screaming deal on his dad’s present (half price! totally unexpected!) where he full-on scripted how we would tell his dad about said deal.

Our lines as written by Joey:

Me: “This gift is from ALL of the kids because it was SO expensive. But…”

Joey: “… because of my awesomeness and handsomeness…”

Me: “… and cuteness!”

Joey (with feeling): “Moooooom!”

Joey (starting again): “because of my awesomeness and handsomeness, we got your present for HALF PRICE!”


That, my friends, is how we roll.

By the by, in only sort-of related news, my husband stole my phone and added some new text shortcuts for me.  Whenever I try to type “no,” my phone autocorrects it to, “I love my husband David so much!” So, in case you text me something like this; “Laurie! I just saw Justin Beiber!” You may have to forgive my respond text that will say, “I love my husband David so much! Way!”

I know how to fix it but I chose not to.  It’s not a lie people.  I do love him so much! Way!

IMG_4270I mentioned… tired. all. the. time? okay.



One thought on “practicing the love

  1. I don’t have anything specific to say except that I love your writing. You have such a distinctive and charming voice. Hey, you should be writing books, and so should I, and we should be reading each other’s books. Remember when you suggested that not so very long ago? 😉

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