my facebook guilty pleasure

I took an Organizational Behavior class where I’m certain we took no fewer than 18 personality tests and then discussed in class how those personality traits would play out in an office setting.  I loved it: the introspection, the analysis, the practical what-to-do’s of it all.

Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to facebook quizzes? Oh, wise internet, tell me something about myself I don’t know! It doesn’t really matter if the quiz gets me right or is way off base. I’m drawn in like a moth to flame.  I will scroll right past the videos of your kids. Those crazy-good, talented dancers won’t slow me down. No way am I pausing for pet pictures or stupid things people do that will make you feel better about yourself.  But it’s skid marks for the silly personality quizzes.

Who was I in a past life? According to the quiz, a saint. Ya. No. That one is not true. Patently. But I’m still willing to take the compliment, weighty and untrue as it is, straight to my ego bank.

What sense am I? Smell. Really? What does that even mean? Weirdo facebook quiz gods, what are you trying to tell me with this? That I smell? Point taken.

Which West Wing Character am I? Jed Barlet. mmm hmm.  The president.  That’s me.  A fake TV president of the United States of America. That analysis included this gem: “you have a large circle of acquaintances (all of whom find you positively magnetic).” Queue you confirming the truth of this statement in the 500 comments I’m about to get on this post.  Right? Right?

What house should I live in? I couldn’t get this quiz to open.  I tried four different times. So, I should probably live in whatever house personifies not giving up on useless time-wasting endeavors.  Definitely not a beach house.  Probably a fixer-upper.

What job should I really have? Social Activist. I know. Right?

What do the books I’ve read say about who I am? Okay. That one is just a quiz I wish were on facebook. If this were a real quiz, my analysis would likely be: “Your reading tastes are eclectic and discerning which means you are likely a bit of a snob who can’t make up her mind what to be snobbish about. You are not afraid to try new things nor are you afraid to discard said new things quickly when they aren’t working out. You’d rather read a book than exercise, but that’s the case for everyone who takes this quiz.”  Except, you know, it would say all of that in a nicer way because facebook quiz analyses are nothing if not complimentary.

Ah now!  I think we’ve finally hit on the reason for my love of them.  I’d do cartwheels for a compliment.

I should maybe get out more.


What social media trend stops you in your tracks? Anyone else a saint, like me?



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