DIY … part deux

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the big reveal of my nesting on steroids, crafty, do-it-yourself dining room table project (and part 2 of this post).  I know.  You thought I’d be too distracted by the very baby I’ve been nesting for to get around to finishing.  And you were right.  But five people can only squish around a card table for so long before this mama loses her mind.  The day after that happened, I finished the dang table.

Even though I know you’re already scrolling down to get to the “after” pictures, allow me to say this:  If you are considering a project like this, DON’T.

I know what you are thinking, you could save a lot of money, avoid hauling off the old stuff, if I could do it, you could do it, blah, blah, blah.  Listen.  It’s not worth it.  When you start to contemplate it for real, call me for an intervention.  You know I think the world of you – of course you are capable and wonderful and every bit as crafty as me.  But don’t.  I mean it.  Buy that other set you’ve had your eye on.  You’ll thank me.  Instead of the cash you’ll waste on spilled paint, you could have this or this.

Which would you really prefer, those or this?


If you do it anyway, you will, like me, end up at the paint store, begging someone (anyone!) to tell you what to do because your shortcuts gave your sleek table the distinctive look of dandruff.


Incidentally, I took this picture with me to the paint store and the paint-savvy man said to me, “Are you using Clorox wipes after you sand each coat? (I nod, sheepishly)  Huh.  That could explain it.”  This was shortly after he said, “Did you get this idea from Pinterest?  You wouldn’t believe how many Pinterest-gone-wrong projects we give advice on.”  For the record no.  This idea – all mine.

Here she is before:


And here she is after I started over six times (6!), after I tried 3 different types of paint, after I sanded 7 times to the consistency of glass, after the paint store guys shook their heads in bewilderment at me, and after I finally went with my gut on how to finish it.


Okay, okay, okay.  The truth is, I love it.  Now that all of the work is done, the money and time are spent, and the card table is back in it’s rightful place, I love it.

The chairs are my favorite. I reupholstered them with burlap and sturdy plastic (kids – remember?).  I love the print.


The chairs are the whole reason for the project in the first place because two of them broke and I needed five seats at my table.  It snowballed from there.  I found four chairs for $5 each at a yard sale.  I put two with the dining set and the other two here:


front porch

Was it worth it?  Now, yes.  In the middle, no.  An anecdotal illustration:  My husband (on about round 4 of the painting) said, “It’s so great you’re saving us all this money by not buying a new table but I was wondering … until it’s finished, would you mind if I go buy a new table?”


4 thoughts on “DIY … part deux

  1. I LOVE it! Great job. As pretty as it looks, I’ve been thoroughly dissuaded from ever trying a similar project myself. 🙂 Can I just hire you should the need ever arise?

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