a day in the life

You guys.  I’m tired.

And getting on the computer is impossible these days.

Because when I sat down to send an e-mail to the little kiddo’s caseworkers today, this is what happened…


These are my littles


This is them skeedaddling because they know they are in serious trouble


These are the six cups of flour they left on my pantry floor


Anyone want to babysit while I blog?


5 thoughts on “a day in the life

    • This was after 2yo poured a whole bottle of bubbles on his head and poured a bottle of baby powder down the stairs. I know I’ll laugh someday. Probably not today. 🙂

      They are cute stinkers – you’re right about that. Yours too!

  1. Oh how I understand. My two babies are a year and a day apart and the things they get into together….ugh. They are 3.5 and 4.5 now and I wish I could say it is better…well I guess it is a little better but they still have to be watch constantly. Hard to get anything done.

  2. Sorry but i can’t resist. Where is the clipboard and potato flakes? I bet your mom is enjoying this payback a lot. Love ya, enjoy it while it lasts.

    • Oh my word! My mom wished this on me didn’t she? I so deserve it!

      Today, the little man got into the flour again but figured it was okay because he was sweeping it up as he made the mess. Oi.

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