looks who’s here!

I have been waiting approximately 672,645 days for this to happen so I could tell you…

She is here!  Baby sister, full bio-sibling, and practical twin sister to our two-year-old almost son is here at last.

This is as much of her as I can show you – cuz more than this is against the rules.


How much do you love those leg rolls?

She is almost 7-months-old, black hair, big brown eyes.  She’s not a good baby – she’s more in the great category – great sleeper, great eater, perfectly content to army crawl around the place, and rolling with the punches of all the big changes.  Her big brother nicknamed her La-la.  Because he says that part of her name over and over.  So adorable!

La-la is what I will call her here, since real names are also against the rules.

The skinny on the case is – without revealing anything confidential – there may be some reunification services (with the birth family) provided but we won’t know for a little while if that is the case.  Things – they are still up in the air.  And plus, there is a chance there may be a formal appeal against the termination of parental rights on DJ’s case.  We really hope that goes away.

But.  Today is a good day.  Let’s focus on the good.  A million years ago, DJ’s caseworker asked how we felt about “hypothetical future siblings?”  Answer?  Good.  Feel really good about hypothetical future siblings.  They can keep having them.  We’ll keep feeling really good about it when they land here.

La-la loves her new daddy – flirted with him shamelessly during in court yesterday.  She’s seeking me out when we introduce someone new so I’m feeling good about the beginning of that bond.  Biggest brother is head-over-heals.  He took her on a tour of our house today, “This is the kitchen, here’s where you find the good stuff.  Here’s the family room, right over here are your toys.”  DJ is doing a love/hate thing.  Wants to hold her every second, yells, “mine!” and points whenever someone else is holding her.  But sometimes he’s confused about why she’s still hanging around.

Someone called me tonight to coordinate my church-going buddies bringing in meals.  You have no idea how legit a mom that call made me feel.  Got a bit teary.  

You guys.  I have a girl.  And I get to buy her accessories. (That is, if I ever leave the house again. Seriously.  how do you guys do this?)  It is a good, good day in this neck. 


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