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After crying almost every day for three weeks about fifth grade homework (oh the pain!  the suffering!  the new math!), I stumbled on this blog post.  Julie made a suggestion that stopped me cold.  Hire a homework helper.  How did that not occur to me?


Do you think it is odd how much money we pay for stuff that does not bring us any happiness?  I pay someone to mop and vacuum for me each week and I’m telling you, it is the best happiness money can buy.  But now, that money may have a happiness contender.

I am writing this post mid-homework-witching hour because my son is done.  I am in my office and the kids aren’t in bed!  This never, ever happens.  Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles!  He is done with his homework and it hasn’t even been an hour since he got home from school.

With me as his homework buddy, I was trying to entertain a two-year-old or make dinner.  So, it was a lot of me being impatient and him thinking I wasn’t paying enough attention.  Three meltdowns later (1 for me, 2 for him), we would have crumpled up, sloppy, giving-up kind of homework.  Not so today!

He has a buddy who is 14.  He goes to church with us.  About four years ago, the young man approached Joey in church and said, (imagine the fastest talking you’ve ever heard) “Hey, Joey.  Do you have ADHD? Because I have ADHD and I think you have ADHD.  Do you have ADHD?  You should find out if you have ADHD because then we both would and that would be cool because I think you do.  I do.  You should check.”

Um yeah.  It took us two years to see what was plain as day to this kiddo.  Ever since, we have all been fans of this young man.  So, when we were trying to think of a homework buddy, he was the first one to come to mind.

I know what you are thinking.  Two kiddos with ADHD doing their homework together?  Say what you will.  It’s working.  My kiddo loves the big kiddo.  The big kiddo thinks it’s pretty cool to help.  Right now, I’m listening to them compare whose math homework is harder.

Yeah.  Go ahead and try to wipe the giant smile off my face.  You can’t.


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