singing time!

A few months ago, a friend asked me to be a long-term substitute for the children’s chorister at church.

Best. Gig. Ever.


Every week, I get to act like a big, dumb clown for an audience that loves it.  But they don’t love it more than I do.  I think everyone should have an excuse to be creative and silly.  Once a week really isn’t too often.

In case you didn’t know, I am a big, dumb clown in general and it is a good, good thing for me to have an acceptable public venue for said clowning.

Don’t believe me?


Paperbag Princess

Me as the Paperbag Princess, from the book of the same name. (Get it. Today! Your kids will lurv it!)

Also, this red wig seems to be a favorite of mine.  As good a clown wig as any, I suppose

Playing Candyland.  Wonder what card I drew to get that reaction?  Also, this red wig seems to be a favorite of mine. As good a clown wig as any, I suppose.

Most of my "selfies" look something like this.

Most of my “selfies” look something like this.


Good.  Then, let me tell you more about this temporary gig of mine.  We spend each month talking about a particular theme; prayer, service, you get the idea.

Last Sunday, it was service so I told the kids I looked like a regular person – but really it was a disguise!  Because I am a SUPERHERO!  (Picture me flinging on my cape for effect.) They did not believe me so I told them how every day I save people from starving to death!  And, I save those same people from being buried alive in garbage!  Also, I rescue people from danger by shouting, “STOP!” or, “BE CAREFUL” before they do really stupid stuff.  Plus, once a week, I save a bunch of kids from dying of boredom!  How much more super can you get?  It was all lost on them but the teachers chuckled (hey, it should be fun for them too!).

Wait.  Suddenly, my son’s lack of shame is making more sense to me.

One week, we had pirates in primary.  Another time, we were construction workers, fixing broken lego church buildings.  Kangaroos have dropped by. We’ve had to solve mysteries and look for clues.  Once, I feather dusted the kids.  And Balloons have serenaded us.

The thing is, the kids don’t realize it because they are having way too much fun, but they are learning!  They are learning about music, rhythm, dynamics, how to lead, that singing is FUN, that singing is rejoicing, and that they can sing loud and lovely.

I love this gig the way Dashell Robert Parr loves his family at the end of The Incredibles (big sigh as I fall back on the seat of my limousine reminiscing about the good times).

I am the luckiest clown on Earth.



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