eclectic mail

Guess what came in the mail today?

A reminder card of my next dental appointment. If you have any reason for hiring a hit man to take me out – I’d love for you to arrange that to happen before the, oh, let’s see, September 19th, the card says.  Wait.  Maybe just save your money because chances are good I won’t make it out of the DDS’s office alive.  Sigh.

My new license plates!  Which means two things, 1- I am done car shopping, and 2 – I’m stuck with what I got.  The plates are making me happy though because we scored a word!  Instead of random letters, we will be driving the car ending in OAK.  I love having a word.  It’s like the license plate gods are smiling on me.

My master’s degree.  Remember how my hubs refused to believe I graduated until I had the paper proof?  I have it.  So now, he’s insisting the kids call me “master mommy.”  Hmm.  Not really how I imagined that would go.  But still.  I have the piece of paper.  The paper that is a symbol for gobs of work, that means I know a thing or two, that breaks glass ceilings, etc.  Shame I don’t have that fancy office to hang it in. But this is good too.

All in all, a pretty goodish mail day.


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