my little man

I’m wondering if someone could tell me exactly when we lose our innocence and start to care more about what others think of us than about what makes us happy?  Because I’m hoping it never, ever happens to this guy.


In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s broad daylight and he’s rollerblading in his mario pajamas.  Because when you think about it, is there really a better outfit for rollerblading in broad daylight?

And for most of this, he was holding his mom’s hand.  Please.  Not because he can’t rollerblade by himself, just because he likes his mom.


We passed people.  Lots of people.  The neighborhood was hopping.  Some kids pointed.  My guy didn’t think a thing of it.

IMG_2266I hope he is enough himself that by the time the shame hits (really, when is that? puberty?), he can weigh things and decide when he’s man enough to go against the trends, when comfort should trump embarrassment, when fun is the most important thing and loving your mom unabashedly is the most cool thing – no matter what those other people say.


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