So, I’m thinking of changing the blog to a Do It Yourself blog.

No.  No, I’m not really.  I’m more the PSE-type (Pay Someone Else). But …

I’ve been doing the equivalent of nesting on steroids.  But I’d never change the blog because I’m really not that person – who does things like this.  A friend keeps calling me “crafty” when I tell her about my projects.  I keep not hitting her in the nose for saying it.  I am NOT crafty.  I may be a little crazy – but that is not the same thing.

Okay!  Yes.  I have scrapbooks.  I crochet. I can make jewelry (with help).  I can sew stuff.  I paint things.  I have a laminator and a closet of supplies.  But that means NOTHING!

This is getting away from me.  The point is, I would not ever be capable of a DIY blog because then I’d have to remember to take good “before” pictures and I’d have to bore you to tears with the details of paint brands, staple guns, and sanders.  That’s no fun for anyone.  Besides, if you were reading this blog because you wanted to get a supply list to do a project like mine, well, I wouldn’t tell you because hitting the Home Depot 75 times is half the fun.

It is not a coincidence they’re playing the Cheers Theme Song every time I go to Home Depot right now.

If you want the boring details, just send me a message and I’ll give you the skinny.  What the hay?  I’ve got some leftover supplies, a little bit of time, I’ll be right over.

This all started because I thought we were going to need a new dining room set because our 17-year-old lovely chairs were breaking one by one and the lovely table – well, let’s just say it was sticky even when we weren’t eating pancakes.  But you know, these things tend to have a domino effect.  I’m not ready to do the reveal on the dining room set because, frankly, I am still in the disaster stage of that project.

I mentioned I’m bad with the ‘before’ pictures – yes?  So, here are my ‘during’ and ‘after’ pictures of a few of my projects:

Bedroom Dresser

Wait!  I DO have a before picture of this dresser.  Way to go, me!

Wait! I DO have a before picture of this dresser. Way to go, me!


And, here it is during.


Finished! Gorgeous right?

Here’s the story of the dresser.  Once upon a time, we were finishing up our license to become foster parents.  At the same time, hubs’s uncle passed away and we were helping to ready the estate for yard sale, etc. We snagged the dresser because hubs owns its twin.  (Dad-in-law and uncle had them growing up.)  It was at uncle’s funeral that we learned about little DJ in foster care, that we were related, and that we could be a placement option for him and little sister.  The dresser is kind of a symbol of our families coming together.  So cool.  Plus.  Polka dots!





Table given to us when we first got married, pretty sure it was given to our in-laws when they first got married.  So much character!

Table given to us when we first got married, pretty sure it was given to our in-laws when they first got married. So much character! (You know “character” is a euphemism for “old” right?)




I know.  Silver is crazy right?  That's okay.  Just don't call me crafty.

After!  I know. Silver is crazy right? That’s okay. Just don’t call me crafty.

I don’t have a cool story for the table – it is not a symbol of anything.  I haven’t found the perfect chair yet.  The height of the chair is an issue because of table detail I like to call “the knee-cracker.”  If you see anything on craig’s list, you let me know.

I also painted a bookshelf but the pictures are boring.  It was brown.  Now it’s white.

I’m a painting fiend.

Dining room reveal is in our future.  Can’t wait to show you!





7 thoughts on “DIY

  1. Hey there, why don’t you take a trip and paint with me. I hate painting bedroom furniture and I really want to repaint Madison’s set. Think about it, it would be fun!!!

  2. Crafty:
    Informal of, involving, or relating to the making of decorative objects and other things by hand:
    a market full of crafty pots and interesting earrings.

    Okay, so I realize this not your favorite word. Definition aside, how about if we just call you a DIYer? Capable? Amazing? Talented?

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