Posted in September 2013


I got six hours of sleep last night and I got a babysitter today so I found myself sitting in the parking lot of Target grinning like a fool, giggling like a school girl.  I cannot believe I am sitting on the other side of a worry that has weighed me down for months.  My … Continue reading

mom salute

Exhausted from happiness, I stood in front of a room full of friends last night while boys in blue shirts encouraged Joey to “Draw blood!” as he pinned me with the mom’s honor of his arrow of light scouting achievement. His rockin’ awesome scout leader – who often slips randomly into the best scottish brogue … Continue reading

looks who’s here!

I have been waiting approximately 672,645 days for this to happen so I could tell you… She is here!  Baby sister, full bio-sibling, and practical twin sister to our two-year-old almost son is here at last. This is as much of her as I can show you – cuz more than this is against the … Continue reading

my big man

My man.  I love him.  No one makes me laugh harder or roll my eyes more. Especially giggle/eye-roll worthy is his tendency to break into song.  We might be having a serious conversation about gun control (about which we very seriously disagree) and then it’s over because he’s singing, “Everybody run! The homecoming queen’s got … Continue reading

homework helper

After crying almost every day for three weeks about fifth grade homework (oh the pain!  the suffering!  the new math!), I stumbled on this blog post.  Julie made a suggestion that stopped me cold.  Hire a homework helper.  How did that not occur to me? Brilliant. Do you think it is odd how much money … Continue reading

say cheese!

You know how I am not trendy?  Not at all interested in being popular?  Well, I’m about to become even less trendy and I’m about to lose some friends. Cuz.  I had some pictures done.  And I’m mad as a hornet about them.  The photographer photoshopped out my freckles.  My freckles!  Are you kidding me? … Continue reading

singing time!

A few months ago, a friend asked me to be a long-term substitute for the children’s chorister at church. Best. Gig. Ever. Guys! Every week, I get to act like a big, dumb clown for an audience that loves it.  But they don’t love it more than I do.  I think everyone should have an … Continue reading

eclectic mail

Guess what came in the mail today? A reminder card of my next dental appointment. If you have any reason for hiring a hit man to take me out – I’d love for you to arrange that to happen before the, oh, let’s see, September 19th, the card says.  Wait.  Maybe just save your money … Continue reading

my little man

I’m wondering if someone could tell me exactly when we lose our innocence and start to care more about what others think of us than about what makes us happy?  Because I’m hoping it never, ever happens to this guy. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s broad daylight and he’s rollerblading in his mario pajamas. … Continue reading