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I just got this book from a friend.  (Yay for late graduation gifts!)

14357459So good!  Lately, I have been really into books about books.  Is that weird?  I’m loving this one and The Child That Books Built and The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared.  It is so fun to think about how books shape people.  They keep shaping me.

My Bookstore is love letters in chapter form from authors to and about their favorite bookstore.  Four chapters in I was hooked, and I was feeling a little sheepish because – you know this about me – I am a total book freak but – you didn’t know this – I have NEVER been to the independent bookstores in my city.  I know.  It’s so embarrassing.

This book finally moved me to drive the little tiny bit out of the way to see what Terry Tempest Williams was raving about in her chapter.  And.  Uh-hu.  Indy, where have you been all my life?  I think it’s not the last time I will drop $130 there.  (Honey, I bought them for gifts!  Promise! Well, except for those ones.)

Growing up, there was really no money for the frivolity of buying books – though, strangely, my father’s library always seemed to grow.  The rest of us had to settle with checking out the maximum allowed on our often used, much replaced library cards.

The library is really my favorite bookstore.  I love the library.  It is my best friend.  And, like best friends, sometimes it disappoints but mostly it makes me happy.  One time, a librarian grabbed my then 4-year-old and loudly and inappropriately scolded him for opening the door with the the handicapped button.  (She didn’t know it was his big-boy job to open the door for his daddy who was on crutches at the time.)  I was furious!  Swore I’d never go back.  Held that grudge for approximately 4 days.

My mom gave us complete carte blanche in the library.  We could check out whatever, whenever we wanted.  This led to an unfortunate Sweet Valley High phase for me when I was in junior high school.  But it also led to a fortunate stumbling upon of 1984.  

And now look what’s happened:

booksThese are the books on my nightstand RIGHT NOW.  I’m a reading freak, I tell ya.  Completely out of control.

If it makes you feel any better, I likely won’t finish Quiet – I think the premise is bologna (pronounced bow-log-na).  I’ve been working on the Eleanor Roosevelt one for so long, her lovely owner has given up on my ever returning it.  And, let’s face it, I’m never going to get around to that Raising a Self-Disciplined Child.

It’s so freeing though that my stack has (almost) no books about public administration – take that, master’s degree.

What is on your nightstand?


By the way, my 2-year-old officially turned two yesterday.  Adoption for him, pending some paperwork and a court date, is on track!  And, expecting great news by the end of this very week.  Stay tuned.


My boys on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Oh these boys!



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