dream, dream, dream

Oh man!  I have the wackiest dreams – you?

Last week.  This one:

I was out to dinner with friends but I got separated from them somehow.  I kept going back and forth from the table and then outside to find them.  I sat down for a minute and someone congratulated me for just being nominated one of the top ten most beautiful women in the world.  Boo-ya!  She said the news was all over the internet.  I went outside to check again and I noticed groups of men clustered together looking at something on their smart phones.  They looked down, then they looked up at me and then they looked very confused and shook their heads.  Mm-hmm.  Apparently, the guys of my dreams didn’t agree with my nomination.

My subconscious must have been feeling self-conscious.

Last night.  This one:

Burn Notice was real.  I was in it and the bad guys had us cornered.  We were caught.  But it was Burn Notice so we got away.  We knew of a secret passage to escape the building.  I started evil-giggling about being smarter than the bad guys and that’s when the Burn Notice cast turned into my adoption friends. (In real life, I have a group of friends I did a lot of volunteer work with and I adore them – I think giggling made my subconscious switch to them.  Come to think of it, they were the same group of friends who stood me up in the earlier restaurant dream.  Hmmm.)  Back in the dream, we hurried to the secret passage.  It was a laundry-chute-type tube hidden underneath a mess of school supplies.  We pushed the supplies aside and looked at each other to see who would go first.  Me.  Obviously.

A little frightened, I jumped right in and spiraled through a very clean stainless steal tube.  Until.  It narrowed and closed in around me. I couldn’t go any further.  Couldn’t wiggle.  I would die, wedged forever in this silver tube that was supposed to be my salvation.  Um.  Yeah. Typing this right now?  I am having a little trouble breathing.

Freud.  I seriously don’t even want to know.

By the way, no.  I did not watch an episode of Burn Notice before bed last night and yes.  I wish Fiona from the cast had stuck around.  She could have gone first and made it and then warned us all it wouldn’t work for anyone weighing in at over 100 lbs.

One time, I had a dream I had to drive my dresser around town because something was wrong with my car.  Another time, I dreamed someone stole my piano – while I was home – and I didn’t hear a thing.

My hubs doesn’t remember his dreams.  But one time, in his sleep, he begged me to go get him a happy meal.  My 10-year-old is a chatty cathy in his sleep, always talking about something.  One time, he said a pirate, “ARGH,” loud enough it woke me up in my room, 200 feet away.

My dreams are pretty easy to interpret if you know me.  My sister had the answer to both of the ones above in 10 minutes – what they meant and why I should be ashamed of my dang self – which is why I won’t be sharing said interpretations.  Me?  I’m always surprised how obvious the messages of my dreams are, once someone else figures it out for me.  Are you a wacky dreamer too?


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