vacation, all I ever wanted

Have you missed me?  I missed you!  I was on vacation and thought it best not to post my vacation plans on the worldwide web before I went … because I knew you’d all break into my house and steal my giant tube television and my year supply of diapers.  Good thing I’m so security conscientious!  Um yeah.  Because we came home only to learn the front door had been unlocked the whole time.  That.  Is how we roll.

Three years ago, our oldest son earned a Disney Cruise.  We set an impossible task and he rose to the occasion.  And then I started school and broke that promise again and again and again.  By the time we could contemplate a vacation, we had a two-year-old.  It doesn’t make sense to me to take a kid in diapers on a cruise ship and luckily, our oldest decided he’d really rather go to Legoland.  Done and done.  They both loved it.  So did we.

I have some recovering to do but I just wanted to pop in and say hi and really, this is for my sis-in-law, who is bored and wants to read a post from me. Right now!  Oh.  She didn’t say that.  She’s not that demanding.  She’s lovely.  You’d think so too.  You should be friends.

So, for your viewing pleasure … I give you, our vacation:




Creepy no?


4D movie means you need 4 pair of glasses – right?


He didn’t quite figure out the land on his feet part of this “ride.”


Children’s Museum. Funky kid chairs. Funky kid.


You’ve gotta take those naps when you can get them!


After a thorough salt-water soaking from Shamu


My man is bigger than Vader. 🙂


San Diego Zoo with the Pandas




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