Posted in August 2013


Sometimes, I spin around in our culture and I think we are straight-up nutso.  There are things I just can’t explain. Pretend you have been living in a box and came out to discover the world we live in anew.  I don’t mean a literal box – I’m not talking Room here, more like this … Continue reading

books about books

I just got this book from a friend.  (Yay for late graduation gifts!) So good!  Lately, I have been really into books about books.  Is that weird?  I’m loving this one and The Child That Books Built and The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared.  It is so fun to think about … Continue reading

dream, dream, dream

Oh man!  I have the wackiest dreams – you? Last week.  This one: I was out to dinner with friends but I got separated from them somehow.  I kept going back and forth from the table and then outside to find them.  I sat down for a minute and someone congratulated me for just being … Continue reading

open-booked coincidence?

Isn’t there a word for that thing that happens when you have something on your mind and it begins to seem like life is trying to tell you something because everywhere you go, everywhere you look, there are reminders?  Like, a million years ago when I was trying to get pregnant, everyone was pregnant.  Every … Continue reading

the system

I want to talk about foster care.  The system. An unnamed administrator in our state Child and Family Services Office thinks the foster care system is backwards and that the parents who abuse and/or neglect their children are the ones who should be removed from the home.  The children should stay there with a new, … Continue reading

vacation, all I ever wanted

Have you missed me?  I missed you!  I was on vacation and thought it best not to post my vacation plans on the worldwide web before I went … because I knew you’d all break into my house and steal my giant tube television and my year supply of diapers.  Good thing I’m so security … Continue reading

standing in the circle

All better today from the angsty, angry post of two days past. These people are the reason why. They are teenagers in foster care at reality town with me.  I am the city manager, the military recruiter, the car dealer, the banker, and the home improver – depending on when you drop in.  They are … Continue reading