I am itch, itch, itching to post the funniest picture ever here today.  But on the advice of my wise sister who never says anything awkward or un-take-backable online, I have decided not to.  But you’re missing out.  If you know me personally, text me as soon as you read this and I’ll text you the picture.  You will laugh.  Guaranteed.

Since you can’t see the picture, here are the thousand words it’s worth instead:

Yesterday we came home from church starving.  Famished.  Ready to eat the table legs.  It was a spaghetti emergency!  Only my 10-year-old and I don’t see eye to eye when it comes to spaghetti sauce.  I like the from-scratch, whatever’s in the pantry kind and he’s the frozen meatball with Prego kid.  I have only myself to blame.  School made me the the Laziest Cook in America, enter the Prego spaghetti sauce.  But we were starving and there was no time for negotiations so I made both.

We settled in to consume said spaghetti with a side of table legs when we realized we were all so hungry, we were still in our “sunday best” clothes.  No time for changing, I asked hubs to grab a bib for our little guy and I may have said, “hurry up about it.” or some such urgent thing.  He pulled the little one’s shirt off and popped the bib on instead.  We were ready to dig in.

But then my 10-year-old jumped up.  Decided he was too messy an eater to chance it so he pulled off his shirt too.  While hubs and I tucked into spaghetti heaven, 10-year-old started puttering around the kitchen.  We didn’t notice what he was up to because we were faces-two-inches-away-from-plates EATING.  Next thing I know, 10-year-old sits down wearing his own bib.  Blue.  The perfect match to his little brother’s.  But the best part was.  He read the saying on it, “Thank heaven for little boys.” And decided to edit.  So he wrote “BIG” on a small piece of paper and taped it over the “little” in the saying on the bib.

Haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.  Plus.  The edit?  I’m so proud!  Almost as proud as when he told a friend, “My mom literally hates it when people use the word ‘literally’ wrong.”

My sis says posting the picture right now when he’s so stinking proud of it would be fine but what about when he’s not so unabashed?  She has a good point.  So, even though I just read this out loud to him and he gave me permission to post it,  sorry.

This kid takes unabashed to such an impressive level.  Today, he dug into the costume box and decided to wear his mountain man costume all over town (at home, his friend’s, the store, whatevs).  One of his friends asked him, “what’s with the get-up?” And my guy thought the only explanation required was about how it actually didn’t make him hot … at all!

Have I mentioned I adore him at ten?  Do I get that this is totally fleeting?  Yep.  So I’m face-two-inches-away watching and LOVING it.


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