hold me back!

Yesterday, for work, I gave a presentation to a local group of Child and Family Service professionals and our “resource family consultant” was there.  She is the woman who works with licensed foster families in our area to match children with families.  Due to some odd circumstances, it was the first time we met.

I was asking her generally and out of professional curiosity if there were enough foster families in the area.  She told me they have had an influx of teenagers entering the system in the last couple of weeks and no families who will take them.

So, you may not know this about me but I adore teenagers.  No.  Really.  Generally speaking I way prefer them over little kids.   I know.  I know.  I have that luxury because I’ve never HAD a teenager.  But still.  I really like teenagers.  Bring on the rebellion and the attitude.  I love it.  Thinking they know it all – I can so relate to that!  Teens are my peeps.  (Don’t worry!  I know they don’t use the word “peeps” anymore.)

I know my love o’ teens makes me a complete weirdo.  Still, I’d take a kid wrangling for a driving lesson over a potty trainer every day of the week and twice on Tuesdays.

Friends, if you are listening … I need someone to come over right now and hold me back from getting on the phone and signing up to take all of those teenagers.  I have another room!  Who needs an office?  I can also kick the renters out of the basement apartment. How is this not the best idea EVER?

Someone.  Please.  Save me from myself.


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