Approximately 3 seconds after I posted my last post about how I don’t like surprises but still fill my life with “surprise” phone calls, I got one of those calls.

And I am (cautiously) thrilled!  Turns out, the biological sibling of our youngest almost son is on her way here this August (if not sooner).  She is three months old, beautiful, and a girl version carbon copy of her adorable brother.

She would have been here sooner but she is a state away and as long as the county was working reunification with her birth mom, they were unwilling to have her be so far away.  So, she has been in another foster care placement since she left the hospital.

Some stuff happened last week that sent the case into relative warp speed though.  Everyone expected little sister to be with us eventually but we thought eventually would mean more like a year from now.

Both cases are looking very good for adoption, big brother more immediately since he has already been with us for seven months.

This is going to turn our world sideways.  The best kind of sideways that ever there whever there was.

I need to NEST!  Must rearrange rooms and buy girly stuff!  But the cautiously part of being thrilled makes that hard.  Because I can’t really shop and rearrange until it’s certain.  But how do you really pull off baby prep after the baby is here?

We need a (groan) new car with third row seating.  I thought one of the immutable perks of being infertile is that I would never have to drive a minivan.  I will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the minivan dealerships.  Trust me.  I’ve looked into all of the SUV options and they are just too impractical – especially when the only real reason to get one of those instead is vanity.  Sigh.  Bye bye vanity.  Little sister is worth it.

We’ll need a new dining room table.  Now, that, I can probably pull off before she comes.  Or, I can probably procrastinate it.  It’s not going to be an emergency that she doesn’t have a chair at the table for a long while yet.  But still!

Oh my goodness!  I will get to decorate a little girl’s room.  Swoon!  I never ever ever ever thought that would happen.

Have I mentioned my two little sisters are pregnant, both with girls?  One due in August and one in September?

There are times foster care steam rolls me with its hardness and uncertainty.  And then there are these times of awkward, rejoicing happiness that make all the other stuff worth it.

I couldn’t have dreamed up this life.  Even when we signed on and licensed up, I never thought this is how we’d turn out, with our ten-year-old and two littles under two.  I’m so too old for that, you have no idea!  But I will take it with both hands and I’ll hold on so white-knuckled tightly.

Turns out, good things come, double-barreled, to those who wait.


3 thoughts on “nesting

  1. Correction one sister due in Aug. other in October!
    Yeah for a sideways world! Their is an invention for your cautious excitement it’s called receipts and returns. Nest away. 🙂

  2. Good life-surprises can be de-railing but so worth the ride. Hang on tight, as you say. We’re on board.

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