Posted in June 2013

look what pinterest made me do

Foster care makes me wishy-washy – wanting to do something but afraid to do it at the same time. Right now, I am prematurely decorating a little girl’s room in my house.  I know I should wait until we know for sure a little girl is coming.  But we won’t know for sure until she … Continue reading

identity crisis

Unless you are my best friend or you have cookies for me (oh wait. I just said the same thing twice – didn’t I?), you may want to stay far away from me right now. Because I am grieving. Grouchy-grumpy grieving that has me equally likely to break down in tears as swear at you … Continue reading

the ‘helpfulness’ of technology

My phone has memorized all of my friend’s names, phone numbers, addresses, and bank account numbers. Pinterest stores all good ideas. Google has revolutionized research. Facebook keeps me posted on all the social goings on. Goodreads reads my mind and makes book recommendations. My car tells me where to go! I officially do not need … Continue reading

big head

Today, while I was waiting to fill a prescription, a smarmy 17-year-old tried to give me a smooth pick-up line.  Oh yeah.  I’ve still got it.  Only, the line was something like this, “Is this your kid?  I can see where he got all his good looks from.”  Okay, it wasn’t something like that.  It … Continue reading

not funny

My husband thinks he is so funny.  Thinks he is ROFL funny.  I think he is chuckle, roll-your-eyes funny.  But he totally cracks himself up – which ends up being super funny – so I guess he’s right. But Tuesday night, when I came home from my very last ever master’s class?  That night?  Not … Continue reading

foster coaster

You read this so I’m taking you on this ride with me.  Today a phone call, not as positive as the one two weeks ago where there was light at the end of the tunnel, a promise that little sister was coming.  Today, the phone call was backtracking, not indicating a different outcome but indicating … Continue reading


I just read a book called The Sense of an Ending.  I am not recommending it.  I fiercely hated the book.  The main character was so thoroughly unlikable and  I wanted very bad things to happen to him.  But hey.  This post is not about him or the book he lives in.  It’s only about … Continue reading

hold me back!

Yesterday, for work, I gave a presentation to a local group of Child and Family Service professionals and our “resource family consultant” was there.  She is the woman who works with licensed foster families in our area to match children with families.  Due to some odd circumstances, it was the first time we met. I … Continue reading


Approximately 3 seconds after I posted my last post about how I don’t like surprises but still fill my life with “surprise” phone calls, I got one of those calls. And I am (cautiously) thrilled!  Turns out, the biological sibling of our youngest almost son is on her way here this August (if not sooner). … Continue reading