mind holding

I’ve mentioned before that in my awesome job, I have the opportunity to attend conferences now and then.  I had one such opportunity last week and I heard a gem of a thing while there.  I’m going to misquote it but nail the sentiment: One of the best things you can do for another person is to hold them in your mind.

That has been sitting in my mind.  It so resonated with me.  So much so that I stopped listening to see who I was holding in my mind at that moment.  And then I realized what it meant to me to know those folks were probably doing me the return favor.

Sometimes when one of us in the T family has a big thing, we synchronize our watches and then all stop what we’re doing to pray for that person about that big thing at the moment the big thing will occur.  It’s cool.  Try going into a job interview knowing that every one of your family members is praying for you right then and try not to succeed in said interview.  I dare ya.

Don’t you just love the sweetness of the sentiment? Who are you holding in your mind?  Who holds you?


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