all caught up because of procrastination

I am procrastinating a big, data-heavy, math-intensive, analytic, over-my-head paper for school.  Suddenly, all of the other things I have been procrastinating seem so appealing!  I spent the weekend pulling weeds, thinking, “this is so much better than writing that paper!”

I am all caught up on my twitter and blog feeds.  I’ve watched all of the videos posted by my facebook friends.  I’m pouncing on new pins on pinterest.  All caught up on old e-mails I’ve never answered.  Waiting for a text back from me?  Check.  I bet you’re not anymore.

My littlest took a 4-hour nap today and instead of cracking down on the hideousness, I read a book – one I didn’t even really like.  But I liked it better than my paper.  Yes sirree!  I’ve just started another book.  One I’m actually enjoying but it might be because of its stellar avoidance-assistance properties.

Are you kidding?  I’d love to take out the garbage.  Isn’t there some emergency that needs me?  Hey.  Maybe there’s a cookie in the pantry.  This is not adult ADHD.  It is single-minded avoidance. My yard is stunning.  My house is sparkling.  Go ahead.  You can eat off pretty much any surface in it.  Wish my kids weren’t asleep, I’d totally go for a marathon game of monopoly right now.  Too bad my hubs is at a foster care class, I think there are lots of ways he could help me procrastinate.  Hey!  Maybe he’d do the paper for me.  He LIKES math and stuff.

Hubs just got home. Oh Yeah! NBA Playoffs are on!  Well, what did you think I meant?

All it really takes is one truly hideous thing to put the little annoyances into perspective.  Am I right?  This paper is truly hideous.  So I am hiding from it in my blog.  Do you think it will find me here?  

You read my blog.  It can be a good two-minute distraction from the stuff you’re supposed to be doing.  So, I know you know what I’m talking about right now.  Maybe you popped in because you’re also avoiding something hideous?  I hope so!  Tell me about it.  I’d love the distraction of some blog comments.  That could be fun!

Because the NBA distraction is failing me.

I’ve already eaten the last pantry cookie off the surface of my shiny piano.

I’m out of reasons not to do it.

Sigh.  Back to work.



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