booking our summer


Yep.  I made that.  Betcha wish you had one – am I right?

Maybe because I’m excited about my life becoming small soon.  Or maybe because I’ll be home for the first summer EVER since my son started school 5 years ago. Or maybe because I love books (I have mentioned that before -yes?).  Or maybe, okay, okay, because of pinterest.  Or maybe because of all of those things.  I have a scheme.

An epic scheme. By the way, my son wants you to know I mean “epic” as in “awesome,” not “epic” as in “a long poem” (because he clarifies that for me every time he says it).

We are booking our summer this year.  My big guy is going to invite his two brainiac cousins to join us as we adventure-read our way through the summer.  We are going to pick certain books and as soon as we finish reading, we’re going to have a corresponding adventure.  He just picked up a book series about tunnels under New York City.  As soon as he finishes it, we’re going on a tour of the coolest, nearest cave. Oh geez, you thought I was going to say we were going to New York City after that – didn’t you?  Good grief!  It’s not THAT kind of epic.

I am giddily excited.  Possibilities are so endless!

  • Ender’s Game = planetarium.
  • The Red Pyramid = mummy exhibit
  • Anything made into a movie = the movie
  • Origami Yoda = Origami party, our place!
  • The Lemonade War = Lemonade stand
  • The Emerald Quest = swimming pool with “jewels” to dive for
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory = Taffytown!
  • Animal Farm = duh

Oh man!  They’d better read fast.  By the end of the week, I’ll have more ideas than will fit in to one summer.  Anyone want to join us?  Reading so rocks.



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