Posted in May 2013


I am ridiculous.  I mean it.  I like things planned, organized, predictable, controllable.  To such an extent that I don’t like surprises. Even good ones.  Even great ones. If you’re throwing me a surprise party, you’d better factor in that for the first half hour, I will be grumpy because my mind is still shifting away … Continue reading

open-booked charity

It’s not my imagination.  There are more people on more corners asking for more money than there were last year.  And I’m reading this: With Charity for All by Ken Stern. The panhandling makes me sad and ashamed.  Well, isn’t that the right word for the feeling of not being able to look someone in the … Continue reading

too easy

Know what’s easy? Criticism. It’s like the dirty joke in a comedy routine – gets the laugh – but makes you feel icky afterwards. I am so good at the criticism.  Seriously.  Put a typo in your facebook status and stand back!  Oh.  And guess what?  It totally doesn’t matter to me that my status … Continue reading

mind holding

I’ve mentioned before that in my awesome job, I have the opportunity to attend conferences now and then.  I had one such opportunity last week and I heard a gem of a thing while there.  I’m going to misquote it but nail the sentiment: One of the best things you can do for another person … Continue reading

happy on mother’s day

My journey to motherhood was not a sprint.  If it was a race, it was one I entered thinking it would be a sprint only to learn it would be a triathlon instead and, oh yeah, I wouldn’t have a bike or the ability to swim.  And, if it was a race, it’s one where … Continue reading

birth moms

It’s birth mother’s day today.  It’s a day in adoption-land where everyone talks about and honors the birth parents who placed their children for adoption.  Allow me a moment for that. Joey’s birth mom is pure awesomeness.  She is quirky, fun, and loving.  We have a great relationship with her and her family.  She did … Continue reading

all caught up because of procrastination

I am procrastinating a big, data-heavy, math-intensive, analytic, over-my-head paper for school.  Suddenly, all of the other things I have been procrastinating seem so appealing!  I spent the weekend pulling weeds, thinking, “this is so much better than writing that paper!” I am all caught up on my twitter and blog feeds.  I’ve watched all … Continue reading

booking our summer

Yep.  I made that.  Betcha wish you had one – am I right? Maybe because I’m excited about my life becoming small soon.  Or maybe because I’ll be home for the first summer EVER since my son started school 5 years ago. Or maybe because I love books (I have mentioned that before -yes?).  Or … Continue reading

small life

My expansive, pushed to the limits life is about to contract.  Not today.  But soon.  In exactly 7 weeks. Because in 7 weeks, I finish graduate school and in 7 weeks I’ll be walking away from a job I love.  It all seems very counter-intuitive.  Why, when I am just getting the very degree that will … Continue reading