Posted in April 2013


Until last November we had an only child.  A ten-year-old only child.  Then, suddenly, we had a tiny-year-old too.  A busy, clever, sneaky, adorable tiny-year-old.  In the span of two weeks, this busy, sneaky little guy had blown up our computer, irreparably broken our VCR (yeah, we still have one of those and a home … Continue reading

show up

I was at a professional conference last week, maybe the week before – who knows?  I’m at these things all the time.  And I am the world’s biggest critic of them.  Trust me when I say you do not want to hear how I feel about PowerPoint.  And then trust me again when I say … Continue reading


Hi!  And welcome to open book open heart dot com.  I have been blogging for about 5 seconds but figure blogs happen one post at a time. Keep coming back and I’ll keep posting! If we met in a book store, say in the classics section, no the children’s section, no the best-seller table, and … Continue reading

I take it all back

The things I said here and here?  The semi-complaining I did?  I take it all back because I just read this and this.  And I am all wrecked up inside.

foster care continued

Since my last post about foster care, I have wanted to write another that would be more positive, more recruitment-like.  This isn’t that post.  Things.  They are just not going my way in foster land.  Friends who love me ask how things are going and I talk for a really long time and when I’m … Continue reading


At the risk of being facebook status vague (you know what I mean… when a friend’s status says, “sad day” with no other details), I have suffered a disappointment today.  And no.  You’ll get no details.  Instead I just want to talk about disappointment in general. There seem to be two schools of thought on … Continue reading

open-booked death

I just read About Alice by Calvin Trillin and A Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, both books about how each of the authors (friends, by the way, did you know?) dealt with the death of their respective spouses.  And I seem to be drawn in, bowled under, and helpless to fight against my need to … Continue reading