to don’t

I thought I was coming up for air after hunkering down to dig into (and out of) some big school projects and just when my nose broke the surface of the sloggy world of too busy to breathe, I’m getting dragged under again. You know.  Sometimes it feels like I live in hunker down.

Three different people said this to me today, “I don’t know how you do it.”  Ironically, they said it when I was in the middle of story-telling them how precisely I had screwed “it” up.

The truth is, I can accomplish a lot but only when I ignore a lot.

In case any of you are tempted to believe I am doing it, having it, ALL, I’d like to share my “to don’t” list with you.

I don’t cook healthy or really even tasty meals right now.  I’m not kidding about that and I am terribly ashamed but cold cereal is our family’s best friend.

I don’t garden.  The lawncare place we just hired mentioned we may want to call for a free weed service in between regular service times.  It’s a jungle out there.

I don’t sew things or run anywhere or do any pintresty things.

I don’t save money.  I don’t look for deals.  I don’t cut coupons.

I don’t vacuum.  Or sweep.  Or mop. Ever.  I pay a lovely young woman to do that for me every week.  Who says money can’t buy happiness?  My feet grin when they walk across a floor she’s just seen to.  Worth. Every. Penny.

I don’t grocery shop or pay bills.  My hubs does those chores.  That’s probably for the best, given I’ve chosen not to save money – right?

These are temporary choices.  But they are mine.  I am not doing it all.  No one is.  We all just make choices. Right now, I choose mothering, fostering, wifeing, reading, schooling, working, and a wee bit ‘o blogging.  My choices are going to change.  I’m hoping to add back a little saving and cooking.  But I’m never going to choose running and I intend to keep buying the happiness of my clean floors.

What is on your to don’t list?



One thought on “to don’t

  1. To don’t list – I do a don’t list all the time. Don’t make real food dinner, don’t clean the house, don’t fold laundry, don’t sleep. Though I wish I could take the don’t sleep one back…

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