Posted in April 2013

this is not about gun control …

… it’s about irony. Although, at the risk of losing every friend in my neighborhood, I am for it.  Solidly.  Just sayin. Remember when I did this? See the empty, pink, cow skin holster? It was supposed to be holding this: But it was confiscated when I checked in at the front office.  Of course … Continue reading

calamity jane

Yesterday I did this for my son: I am seriously rocking those shoulder pads – don’t you think? It was the big fourth-grade mountain man rendezvous at my son’s school and my assignment was to read/perform tall tales to small groups of kids in a tepee. But in true, made-for-tv-afternoon-special-style, I had a work conflict … Continue reading

the sound of reading

When I was waiting… No.  …longing, starving, pleading, crying, for… children, I used to think about how my home would sound with children rattling around in it.  At night, the sound of soft sighs and silly sleep talk, during the day, the pitter-pattering of feet, the “mooOOOOmmm!” call, the giggles, the ALL of it.  I … Continue reading

guilty as charged

I just read a poem by Judith Viorst (whom I adore) from a book of poems printed before I was born, full of cultural references that make no sense to me.  I found it in a bookstore with shelves like this: And now I must pause for a moment to tell you how much I adore … Continue reading

to don’t

I thought I was coming up for air after hunkering down to dig into (and out of) some big school projects and just when my nose broke the surface of the sloggy world of too busy to breathe, I’m getting dragged under again. You know.  Sometimes it feels like I live in hunker down. Three … Continue reading

my treasure

You know that question you ask yourself sometimes… the “if the house were on fire, what would you grab” question? Obviously, the people are the first answer, but after that?  What is the most special thing? For me it’s a little book.  What?  You’re surprised?  Uh.  I love books.  But that’s not why this particular … Continue reading

so glad when daddy comes home

My youngest son is in love with his daddy.  Pathetically.  His preference for his daddy over every other living breathing thing is practically palpable.  He’s like a Pavlovian dog.  When the door from the garage opens, this begins, “daddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddad,” and it only stops when he’s in dad’s arms. You would not believe the disappointment on … Continue reading

the best therapy

Can we talk about friends?  Let’s!  Because I adore mine.  I can’t really explain to you how much of a downer I am to be around right now.  But my friends, they like me anyway.   When people ask how things are going and I answer, I’m beginning to recognize a universal response  that looks … Continue reading

the audacity of parenting

Sometimes I think about the sheer audacity of parenting, about how all children are victims of their parents’ inadequacies, tendencies, habits, and biases.  And I feel sorry for the ones who get stuck with mine. Once when my son Joey was very young and very much the reason kid leashes were invented, I was chasing … Continue reading