This is a post about politics.  Permission to stop reading granted.  (Ha!  Like I’m in charge of that!)

I have personally discovered why we are in such a two-sided mess.  Because people like me – people right in the middle of the political debate don’t have a voice.  Not because we don’t want one but because it’s harder to have one.  It is so much easier to pick a side – left or right and then yell about why it is the right one.  We have been trained to do it in high school debate classes.  It is so much harder to get a megaphone or a radio soundbite when what you have to say is, “I agree a little” or “I don’t think that is quite right.”

But that’s where I am living.  I agree a little but I don’t think that is quite right.  And I’m tired of the yelling.  I choose to believe people have good intentions and want to solve real problems and digging in heels doesn’t accomplish that.

I also think political affiliation shouldn’t be an all in, mutually exclusive proposition and I’m not satisfied with the powerlessness of opting out of party participation.  So.  It’s time for me to declare I am a Republicrat.  Maybe a Democan?  What I am not is Independent, Unaffiliated, or Nonpartisan because those terms don’t indicate what I stand for.  I an not non- or un- anything when it comes to politics.  I am interested and engaged.

In Utah we have a caucus system where we nominate delegates to represent our interests in pre-primary politics.  I am my precinct’s republican delegate.  And you know what?  I wish there were the wiggle room for me to be our precinct’s democratic delegate too.  I only missed the democratic caucus meeting because I had school that night.

I am in full agreement with half of each of the party platforms.  I won’t list here the points I agree or disagree with because I’m hoping you’re reading this thinking, “me too!”  And I don’t really want to lead you down the path of, “never mind, she’s crazy.”

Do you think there is room for a Republicrat like me and a Democan like you in the land of extremes?

republicrat  I certainly hope so.


2 thoughts on “moderation

  1. This post describes me to a T. It’s difficult being in the middle and having to find a voice. Just keep trying my best, but it’s hard in a land of loud extremes.

    • Ever since I wrote this, I’ve had a Steve Miller Band song stuck in my head, “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right… Here I am. Stuck in the middle with you. Here I am. Stuck in the middle with you.” Glad I’m not alone Janeal.

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