pregnant brain

My brain feels pregnant.  Okay.  It is true I have no actual idea what pregnant really feels like.  Does that mean I can’t use the metaphor?  Discuss amongst yourselves in the comments.

My brain feels full.  See?  It’s not the same.  Pregnant is better and way more accurate.  I promise I won’t go further with the metaphor because that would be gross.  But you know how you feel when you cram for a final exam and then it’s such a relief to take the test and then systematically forget all that you crammed?  That is the feeling I’m going for.

Even though my brain should be full of school facts I’ll need for a looming final, it’s not.  It is pregnant with ideas and words.  Oh my word!  The words!  Abysmal. Apropos. Assimilate.  Precipitous. Pterodactyl. Precocious. I have a crush on words that begin with P.  Anyone with me? (crickets)

Pregnant brains are why people have blogs.  Here’s what you’d see on a sonogram of my brain:

  • the evolution of and recent celebration of feminism–though I have always rejected it in its extremity, I love and embrace the world it opened for me.  Thanks Betty and suffragettes.
  • adoption–legally enforceable open adoption agreements but ONLY for biological parents who had their children removed by the state.  Really Utah?
  • Multiple Sclerosis–what do you do to help someone who has it?  What really makes a difference?  What comforts?
  • kidney failure–wish I had more than one to give. Wonder if I am brave enough to give it?
  • coming home–nothing like it.  Nothing better. Unless the going is what you want.
  • judging–what if you must?  How to be fair?
  • check engine light–why does it always come on the month you need to get the car inspected?
  • books–the older I get, the more frantic my reading becomes.  What if I miss a great one?
  • nature vs. nurture–every day I wonder, wanting nurture to win, suspecting it’s wishful thinking.

What’s on your mind?


2 thoughts on “pregnant brain

  1. I often find that I have a pregnant brain also. It is an excellent metaphor, it isn’t simply full, it is overfull. Lately my brain has been full of some similar things. But I will add a few: Autism, what is it really, and how can I help my boys develop into strong men with it? Distance from family, how do you keep the relationship strong, when you miss so much? Why do people in charge make silly, often destructive decisions? Anyway, you asked what was on my mind and there it is, for whatever it is worth.

    • I wish the answers were easier. That autism one especially. You are hard as nails to tackle all you do three states away from we who love you. Keep coming back sister friend. Makes you seem nearer already.

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