Posted in March 2013

foster care

Foster care rolls me out so flat, I am curly at the ends. I have been working professionally for 5 years now, advocating for children in foster care.  I thought it impossible to have my eyes any wider open. I was more prepared for this journey than any of those other schmucks in our foster … Continue reading


This is a post about politics.  Permission to stop reading granted.  (Ha!  Like I’m in charge of that!) I have personally discovered why we are in such a two-sided mess.  Because people like me – people right in the middle of the political debate don’t have a voice.  Not because we don’t want one but … Continue reading

open-booked love

The open book and open news sources on my desk and desktop last week mushed up my brain. I just read Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley and then I read this and then I read two diatribes against Victoria Secret’s new line of underwear, which I haven’t seen, but understand is way too sexy, … Continue reading

a father’s love

It was the pinewood derby last night.  Do you know it?  It is a scouting event that is the training ground for all competitive sport.  It is boys who have that played-in smell wearing blue shirts, first crowded around a scale, then screaming their heads off as their dad-assisted car creations tear down the track … Continue reading

perfect 10

I am the mom of a ten-year-old.  I have had favorite ages and stages as he has grown.  4 was so, so good: He, all round-cheeked, high-pitched, potty-trained and independent but all mine, unadulterated by the sit still and be quiet of school.  But 10!  10 is perfect.  How I love 10! 10 is, I … Continue reading

on spec

On Spec means building something to specifications determined by someone else, with no guarantee of a return on investment.  I’ve been wondering about living on spec.  Because I’m pretty good at it.  If someone gives me an assignment, with guidelines, I shine. Ask any of my professors or supervisors. But this blog?  It’s all mine.  No guidelines … Continue reading


We have a brand new 18-month-old baby.  How is 18-months brand new you ask?  Because although our little guy has been around for all 18 months of his little life, he’s only landed at home with us for the last four months.  Such is the surprise joy of foster and soon-to-be-adoptive parenting. Let me tell … Continue reading

pregnant brain

My brain feels pregnant.  Okay.  It is true I have no actual idea what pregnant really feels like.  Does that mean I can’t use the metaphor?  Discuss amongst yourselves in the comments. My brain feels full.  See?  It’s not the same.  Pregnant is better and way more accurate.  I promise I won’t go further with … Continue reading